Tinker Park
Evocative and Emotional Video Direction and Production


At Tinker Park, we make compelling work for many formats.  Our core producer and director team is small.  Our network is wide.  We adapt to serve each project with intention and focus.


We actively explore and tinker to discover, to connect with and to curate emotional realism.  So to grace the world with a more fruitful and universal experience.



At Tinker Park, we ask complicated questions and seek creative answers to make emotive and forward thinking audio-visual work.

We believe it's more important than ever to think conceptually and create with a swift intuition so we can serve each project with dynamic intention, regardless of scale.  With a wide network of fiercely creative tinkerers, our team adapts to serve each project with specialized intention and focus.

Explore our select projects here.  Reach out to us at info@Tinker-Park.com and let's discuss how together, we can dream big and act boldly.


Tinker Park Studio A is at the historic Stutz auto factory on the northwest side of downtown Indy

212 W 10th Street, #C490
Indianapolis, IN 46205